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Client Testimonials

“Filing bankruptcy is an incredibly hard & stressful decision to make. I was referred to Mr. Flores by a friend of mine (who happens to be a state district court judge), and could not have been better advised. Mr. Flores is not only brilliant as a lawyer, staying on top of the law & any decisions that might impact my circumstances, he was also a tremendous person. He really cared about what happened in my case & helped me through an extremely difficult time. Two objections were filed in my bankruptcy (the first by a multi-billion dollar company & the second by a bank). Because of Mr. Flores’ abilities as a lawyer & by staying up to date on the law, the multi-billion dollar company was forced to dismiss their action against me. It was truly a David versus Goliath victory. We went to trial on the second objection, the bank, and he won without us having to put on any evidence. At the end of the bank’s presentation of evidence, Mr. Flores argued that they had put on no evidence & the judge dismissed their case against me. Mr. Flores is truly one of a kind. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering making the tough decision to declare bankruptcy.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Flores in two situations and found he and his staff to be professional in all aspects of the word. I was extremely satisfied with his work and the outcome. I highly recommend him.”


“Mr. Flores took my case when no one else said they could help. Talked to about 3 other attorneys. Finally was recommended to Mr. Flores from an attorney that I trust. Mr. Flores was able to assist me and explain to me my different options. He understood my case and was able to get me to settle and resolve the case to my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend Mr. Flores. You can bet I will be calling him again when I need an attorney.”


“I have had the pleasure of utilizing Mr. Flores’ services twice. Once to settle my Father’s estate and the other to prepare my WILL. He was professional and courteous and did a great job! I was completely satisfied with his services.”


“Mr. Flores is a “one-of-a-kind” lawyer who is honest, known for doing the right thing, and Known for getting results. I recently used his services for a business legal matter and I was very pleased with his advice, plan of action, expediency in resolving the matter and most of all, the resolution of my case.”


“Mr. Flores was able to resolve a legal issue that had been going on for a couple of years with no resolution. His expediency helped us with the legal matter and it was resolved within a couple of months, saving us a substantial amount of money and best of all giving us “piece of mind.”