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Does Bankruptcy Ruin Credit?

Will filing for Bankruptcy ruin my credit? 

Although a bankruptcy filing will appear on your credit report for 10 years, you must look at your situation logically and unemotionally.  Ask yourself, what will your credit look like if you continue to miss paying your bills on time, allow judgment for debts to accumulate and creditors to keep harassing you and attempting to collect from you even if your don’t have a realistic method of repaying them? Many times, because your credit score is already low or will be in the near future because of your inability to pay your debts, this question might even be immaterial.  Many clients who have gone through bankruptcy have later reestablished their credit after discharging debts they could no longer pay. After over 35 years of experience practicing law in south Texas, we’ve helped a countless amount of people recover their credit and eliminate extreme debt.

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