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Guillermo A. Flores has helped many clients make important decisions regarding their future and those they care about.  The death of a loved one is difficult, but the probate process doesn’t need to be.  With proper planning, you can prepare for possible disability and make sure your assets will pass according to your wishes.  Guillermo Flores has the experience and expertise to guide you in wills, probate and other related matters.

Probate is the process of transferring the property of a person who has died to his heirs or designated beneficiaries.  Despite any existing information you may have heard, in most cases probate doesn’t need to be lengthy, expensive or complicated.  The probate system is intended to help heirs and beneficiaries clear title to assets as easily as possible and to prevent improper claims against the decedent’s estate.  Many banks and financial intuitions won’t release funds to heirs of the decedent account owner without a probate order which protects them from liability.

Texas has a simplified probate process and offers several choices for settling decedent’s estates.  The great majority of Texas probate cases are handled through Independent Administrators which usually requires one court hearing and the filing of an inventory of assets.  Probate through independent Administration can be completed in a couple of months if the will is property drafted and specifies independent administration.  When a person dies without a will and without any independent administration, a court supervised dependent administration which is quite burdensome may be required.

As an experienced probate attorney, Guillermo Flores is prepared to handle issues varying from a routine probate to complicated litigation such as a will contest.  There are several ways to probate a will and several other methods to use when a person dies without a will.  We always look for the most logical and economical methods to meet your needs.

Sometime, we see incomplete wills lacking important components.  This usually arises with handwritten will or wills created for computer software programs which do not take into account our specific Texas laws.  Our in depth experience allows us to resolve these situations.

G.A. Flores has helped many clients with probate administration and help beneficiaries comply with Texas law.

Please remember that an experienced wills and probate lawyer can many times recognize any complications associated with probate, confidently guide you through the process and lead you into the future.  You may contact us at (210) 734-5725 or use our online form to discuss your situation.

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